Transmission Repair Service in Milwaukee, WI

“Accurate Transmission Specialists”

The transmission repair service experts at Accurate Transmission Specialists are your friendly and honest connection to repairing or replacing your vehicle's transmission. The transmission is one of the most essential, complex, and intricate parts of your vehicle’s drivetrain, and fixing a transmission is a specialized operation demanding high-quality products and highly experienced technical savvy.

Complete Transmission Expertise


Our highly skilled technicians can handle transmission service and repairs for any make and model of vehicle. Whether your vehicle is running on its original factory transmission, a custom-built unit, or a rebuilt model, we can efficiently and professionally repair, rebuild, or replace it.

Trust your vehicle’s transmission to a family-owned Milwaukee, WI, transmission repair service that cares first and foremost about getting you back on the road quickly and as affordable as possible. Call Accurate Transmission Specialists at 414-375-9403 to make your vehicle run its best.


Transmission Repair